How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise After A Tiring Day At Work

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I have that moment after a tiring day at work to just go home, take a shower, head to bed and watch a movie, even though I planned to go to the gym; which I know applies to everyone. Getting the motivation you need to head to the gym from the office is not too hard. Get rid of the excuses and find ways to motivate yourself and you will be proud of yourself every day.

Ways to motivate yourself to exercise

Exercising after a long day at work is hard but when you find motivation, you will get rid of all the excuses you are thinking about. Here are simple ways of motivating yourself to work out after that tiring workout;

  • Carry your workout gear to the office.

When you carry your workout clothes to the office, you start preparing yourself mentally. To top things up, you should change into your workout gear before you leave the office. This gives you a reminder that you have a commitment of going to the gym, and also, you do not want to admit to your coworkers and yourself that you missed your workout even after telling people that you are heading to the gym. So whether you like it or not, you will exercise after that tiring workday.

  • Get a gym partner.

gym partnerInstead of scheduling a dinner or drink with a friend, schedule a workout session with them. Knowing that you have a buddy with you during your workout will make you not think about skipping the gym. Even though there will be no much room for chatting, the emotional support you will be giving each other is ample enough for a great exercise session. So find that buddy you get along with and love spending time with and form a buddy system for great exercising.

  • Schedule your workout.

Make a schedule of your workout like one of your business meetings. Set an alarm or set a reminder on your phone so as not to miss your workout session. These reminders will keep you from giving excuses like you were too busy or you forgot to hit the gym.

  • Set the bar low.

Tell yourself that you will just exercise for 10 minutes. When your bar is low, you will always go to the gym. If you go to the gym knowing that you will exercise only for 10 minutes and you do that just, you can motivate yourself to exercise a little longer to get the results you desire. Furthermore, 10 minutes is enough time to get an effective workout for the day.

  • Reward yourself.

All the things you look forward to at the end of the day, set them as your workout reward. If you love a glass of wine or going to the movies, tell yourself that you are rewarding yourself for the job well done. Watching that movie will be worth it when you have a good workout session.

  • Make a rule.

Create a rule that regardless of what happens, you will not have less than three workout days in a week. That means, that the minimum number of working out days for you will be three days and you can choose which days suit you best. Am not saying that it is a must that you workout for only three days a week, your number of days depends on you. What I want to put across is that with a rule, you will have it at the back of your mind that you must exercise. If you are at home sitting and not exercising, you will feel guilty that you are breaking your rule and find yourself heading to the gym or doing your exercises at home.

  • Decorate your office desk with positive affirmations.

Get inspirational quotes or body goal images that will keep you motivated. Nevertheless, get images of all the workouts you are supposed to do per day and set them up on your desk. A daily look at the images and inspirational messages will ensure you reach your goal.  When you look at that bikini body you want to get, you will always exercise after your long day at work.

  • Never miss breakfast.

A good solid breakfast will ensure you are energized throughout the day. Eat wholegrain, a protein, a fruit or vegetable to keep your energy levels up.  A good breakfast will ensure that your body does not use up its stored glycogen leaving you tired and worn out at the end of the day. Not missing breakfast will also ensure that you do not snack up a lot during the day and be too full to do any other activity. Furthermore, this will help you in keeping track with your weight.

These tips will ensure you do not miss your exercise schedule.

Why Diet Is More Important Than Exercise To Lose Weight

why diet is important for weight loss

For many years, people have believed that exercise and physical activity routines alone are the most successful ways to lose weight. While a regular exercise routine is important for maintaining a healthy physique, a healthy diet is really the driving factor that leads to weight loss. In this article, we discuss several reasons why a healthy diet is far more important than exercise in achieving healthy weight loss.

Exercise and Physical Activity Alone Does Not Lead to Weight Loss

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Many studies have shown clear evidence that exercise and physical activity alone does not actually lead to increased weight loss. These studies largely point to the fact that many people mistakenly compensate for the calories they burn by continuing to stay physically fit. In other words, unhealthy eating habits reduce the success of the most vigorous workout routines.

Exercise Actually Increases Appetite

As mentioned above, exercise can actually trigger unhealthy food consumption habits and counteract the effects of a hardcore workout routine. This is mainly due to the fact that exercise and physical activity increases our appetites and metabolism. Studies have shown that people who follow a regular workout routine also increase their calorie consumption at the same time, and this effect progressively contradicts the impact of their physical activity over time.

Increased Exercise Has Not Slowed Obesity

In the early 2000s, studies found that that the percentage of those who were involved in regular exercise and physical activity routines prominently increased. However during the same period of time, there was an overall increase in obesity among adults. This information points to the fact that there is not a positive correlation between exercise and weight loss, as we now know, there is actually a negative correlation.

Food Drives Exercise

Many people simply do not understand the relationship that exists between food and physical exertion, yet the facts point to the conclusion that food is an undeniable fuel source that works to drive exercise. Without the correct amount of calorie consumption, energy, and positive nutrients in the body, it would be physically impossible to exercise effectively and accomplish the weight loss we desire.

Short-Term Weight Loss is Driven by a Good Appetite


Health experts found that weight loss commonly consists of three-fourths diet and one-fourth exercise, and in this way, diet is the most effective means of achieving notable weight loss. A significant amount of studies outline this information and reveal most people found the greatest noticeable short-term weight loss results through healthy eating habits. As a result, beginning a healthy diet before starting a vigorous workout routine will ultimately lead to more noticeable weight loss.

Bodily mechanics of Weight Loss Limit Benefits of Exercise

It is incredibly important to understand that the mechanics of weight loss limits the benefits of regular exercise. The American Dietetic Association corroborates this statement by emphasizing the fact that it is physically impossible for those that overweight to generate the required energy of about 500 to 1,000 calories daily without controlling their diet.


While exercise is crucial for obtaining a healthy physique, exclusively it does not often promote significant weight loss. Calorie intake control has proven to be much more successful in achieving healthy weight loss, especially due to the fact that exercise increases appetite. Additionally, beginning a regular workout routine burns more calories initially, but after getting into a regular routine, the burn eventually plateaus due to the body adjusting for stability. However, it is important to note that a combination of regular exercise and diet control is the best way to obtain a healthy physique so that you can look good and feel healthy too. Physical activity can help reduce risk for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes and can boost positive mood and help you get a better night rest. Though in the end, simply working out will not lead to successful weight loss, and this is why diet is much more important than exercise to lose weight.